Ship Service

We are here to assist  you 24/7 with your needs. We will strive to keep your ship running day and night all year long with no costly intermediary

  • Equipment procurement
  • Transport of equipment and people
  • Repair and work to be performed
  • Supplies
  • Long-term lease on berth
  • Short term lease at berth
  • Storage for equipment etc
  • Service personnel and parts
  • Engine parts and full engine set
  • Agency

WWS pin bolt system

Each pin bolt is custom made so it can fit any pin bolt system. WWS pin Bolt is very cost efficent due to its durability. Proven to withstand rough environment and harch conditions for many years to come.

  • Prevents unnecessary wear
  • Installed on new or existing equipment
  • Prevent and remove ovality on equipment
  • Saves costs with less maintenance
  • Long lasting solution
  • Can save you a line drilling on old equipment
  • Tested under harsh loads
  • Custom made to fit every pin bolt system
  • Smoother and safer driving
  • Short production time
  • Prevents seaweed and barnacles
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost saving measures
  • The best solution for box coolers
  • Long term tested with positive results offshore
  • Fuel efficient
  • Only requires regular maintenance / inspection


Anti-fouling system

The system that prevents attachment of unwanted seaweed and barnacless. Getting this device will save your company for unnecessary expensees. The anti-fouling system requiere a one time only assembly that can be installed on land or offshore. The system keeps boxcoolers, hull, pipes etc clean of seaweed and barnacless.

Engine Work

We do all kind of engine work on marine engines.  We conduct service, survey, complete overhaul and minor work.  WWS have specialists on all kind of engines, and we can assist you anywhere needed around the globe. WWS have customers that have complete service agreements on all the engines in the fleet. 

  • Overhaul of engines
  • Service
  • Problem solving
  • Cost saving
  • All marine Engines
  • Overhaul toghether whith crew or shipyard
  • Assessment of damage
  • Orginal parts
  • Short response time
  • One contact point
  • Complete job done by us
  • Calibration of sensors


We do work on all brands, service, repair and complete overhaul. We strive to keep the cost low for the customers. WWS have highly qualified people in the business, and we can assist you  anywhere needed around the globe.

  • Overhaul of turboes
  • Service
  • ABB
  • Nabier
  • MAN
  • KBB
  • Assessment of damage
  • Orginal parts
  • Short response time
  • Balancing of turbo
  • One contact point
  • Complete job by us
  • Work done together with crew

Electrical work

WWS do service/maintenance and new installations on electrical work that need to be done. We are available to our costumers 24/7 with qualified electrician. Final report will be made after the job is finished.

  • Service/Maintenance
  • New installation
  • System troubleshooting
  • Survey
  • Commissioning
  • Mobilization/demobilization
  • Electronic blackboard/lamps/equipment
  • Electrical installation/ sytems
  • Switches/fuse
  • Completion and clean up
  • Gas/fire/level sensors
  • Calibration of sensors

Diving services

WWS can help your company by providing diving services. WWS is ready to get in to the wather day and night.

  • Inspection of the fleet underneath the surface
  • Propeller controll
  • Video/visual images
  • Cleaning boxcoolers
  • Washing of hull
  • Report with video after work
  • Survey
  • Lifting operations
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • HP wash
  • Mechanical work